Economic Situation & Needs of Migrant and Culturally Diverse Creatives / Artists in the Cultural & Creative Sector - 2018

The Centre for Creative Practices represents Migrant and Culturally Diverse Artists in Ireland. As such as conduct regular surveys on the economic situation and the needs of Migrant and Culturally Diverse Artists.
So we really need your help as we are conducting our 2018 survey.  Our main aim is improving the efficiency & satisfy the needs of all migrant and culturally diverse creatives and artists working in the Cultural and Creative Sector through access to and distribution of creative opportunities. The results you provided can help us to achieve this goal.

Creative Entrepreneurs Academy - Creative Business Development Survey

The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre for Creative Practices, helps creatives and artists to grow their business. We want you to have the type of creative business that you want.  One that reaches the impact and the levels of sustainability you want to achieve.
However sometimes we all need help and by answering our short survey we are hoping that we will be able to help you reach your goals.

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The Centre for Creative Practices aims to become the national development organisation for migrant & culturally diverse arts practice in Ireland. The website will help us to have a nationally significant advisory & support service, complimentary artistic programme, & widely-respected learning & development offer.

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